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Step 1

Please send ALL photos and written content to:

Please include email subject line: Your Company name/ Content

These steps are a critical part of production. To ensure your website is completed, in a timely fashion, please follow steps. If you don't have items, don't worry. Send what you have.

Please fill out form below and email the following in order:

1. Logo-

2. "About You"-

3. Any pictures -

4. Written content for website-

5. For e-commerce pages- include (product: description, names and prices)- Up tp 10 items

6. For Forms- information for each field-

7.Booking (availability) -

8. Video links-

9. Important links you want on your website-

10. Social Media links- (please copy & paste links)

Feel free to copy & paste and put answers next to numbers.

Step 2

Intake Form

Thanks for submitting!

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